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Google deep link support

Exciting News: Automatic Deep Links for Google Reviews in Collect Forms!

Get ready for a game-changer – collect forms are now equipped with automatic deep links for Google reviews.

But what's a deep link, you ask?

A deep link is a special URL tailored for Android and iOS devices. It opens up the native application if it's already installed on the user's device. This is a boon since users are often logged into the app, making them more likely to leave a review without the hassle of re-logging in.

And here's the magic touch – if the system detects the app isn't installed, it gracefully falls back to the normal redirect URL via the browser.

Wondering how to enable deep links?

For all new collect forms, it's a breeze – enabled by default, no action required. For existing forms, just ensure the deep link setting under the distribution tab is switched on, and click save. Note: for existing forms, a save click is needed for the magic to kick in.

Hold tight – we're cooking up plans to introduce deep links for other review sources like Facebook in the future! Stay tuned! 🚀📱

Maria Navarro

8 months ago

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